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We carry a complete line of superior refractory materials

Insulation & Refractories Services, Inc. carries a complete line of superior refractory materials in our distribution center. Our qualified team offers project services ranging from design, installation, maintenance, and plant turn-around.
manufacturing plant installation

Our Refractory Services Include:

  • 45% – 99% Alumina Brick
  • Monolithic Linings ( Plastics and Castables)
  • Mortars
  • Ceramic Fiber Bulk, Blanket, Textiles, Vacuum Formed, Boards, Moldables, and Pumpables
  • Gunite Materials (Plastic and Castables)
  • Insulating Firebrick


Our company was founded in 1968 based upon the following ideals:

  • Commitment to Safety
  • Commitment to Quality
  • Commitment to Customer Satisfaction
  • Commitment to A Job Well Done